Sony Portable Wireless Server Backs Up and Charges Your Phone

Personal Content Station

Sony is jumping into the portable media device game with their Personal Content Station and Portable Wireless Server, a couple of wireless, on-the-go storage devices that can handle streaming to tablets, smartphones, and the like.

The Personal Content Station is made with cameras in mind, and is trying to be the ultimate destination for all of your photos and videos. It’s made to take in files from digital cameras, smartphones, and tablets quickly and easily, while on the go. For digital cameras, the Personal Content Station has a memory card slot compatible with SD cards. There’s NFC and Wi-Fi compatibility for tablets and smartphones. Digital cameras with Wi-Fi compatibility (including some Sony models, of course) can also take advantage of that. Oh, and storage capacity is massive – 1 TB.

Portable Wireless Server

Once everything is stored onto the device, you have a couple of playback options. You can stream HD video, especially handy if you have a smartphone with a camera that doesn’t take HD video, to a mobile device – there’s a video transcoder on the device that makes videos ready for play on tablets and smartphones. There’s also an HDMI out port, in case you want to view your pictures or videos on the big screen of the television.

The Portable Wireless Server, on the other hand, is more about sharing with others. Uploading content to the device works much the same, and wireless uploading and playback is possible. But, the Portable Wireless Server allows up to eight devices to connect to it at once, meaning that you can snap a bunch of pictures at an event, push them to the device, and instantly share them friends without having to worry about sending or sharing pictures yourself. It’s also handy as backup juice for your mobile device, and has a 10-hour battery life.

You can find both devices on Amazon now – the Personal Content Station for $300 and the Portable Wireless Server $70. The latter is quite a bit cheaper, but it doesn’t have its own built-in storage – you’ll need to use a memory card or an SD card, and neither of those are included.

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