Spotify Scores Led Zeppelin and Debuts Free Premium Plan for Tablets

SpotifyBig news from Spotify today! Spotify will finally have a free level of service on mobile devices. Tablets will have access to the same free service you would get on a PC, while smartphones will get a free radio-style service. Just kidding, no one cares about all that. Led Zeppelin! Led Zeppelin is coming to Spotify. That is the big takeaway here.

Led Zeppelin has remained one of the few elusive holy grails of streaming music, along with AC/DC and the Beatles. By now, most of the titans of streaming resistance have fallen, with Metallica and the Eagles opening up their libraries not too long ago. But, Led Zeppelin was arguably the biggest prize, outside of maybe the Beatles. And, with Pink Floyd finally coming to Spotify after being exclusive to Rdio for some time, the rock legends give Spotify a devastating exclusive – as if they needed one.

And yeah, there’s the mobile stuff, too. As reported by TechCrunch, smartphones will get Spotify Shuffle, a free radio service a little like Pandora. Except, it’s better than Pandora, because you can have an artist station play songs only from that artist, instead of mixing in similar artists. Tablets will get the free PC service – so, free on-demand streaming with ads.

But seriously, Spotify has climbed the Stairway to Heaven. That’s all you need to know.

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