SteelSeries Flux Pro In-Ear Headphones Review

SteelSeries Flux Pros are in-ear headphones that actually stay in-ear. These aren’t your run of the mill earbuds, they have a few unique features that may have you declaring Flux Pros your favorite headphones, for music and for gaming. The built-in microphone is compatible with smartphones and computers, thanks to the interchangeable cable system. Features aside, they sound awesome!

Flux Pro’s are not your average looking earbuds. Most of the cable is made of a thick flat tangle-resistant cable. At the end of this cable is an adapter where you can plug in a standard smartphone 3.5mm plug or a plug that features a separate 3.5mm microphone and headphone plugs (for the computer). It’s great for computer gaming or skyping. The cable has an inline ControlTalk and microphone built-in. The ControlTalk button can answer/reject phone calls, skip tracks, and activate voice activation on your smartphone.

The earbuds themselves aren’t so typical either. They’re designed to go over and around the ear, providing a more secure fit and a better acoustic seal. There are rubber “ear guides” that snap onto the cable near the earbud and give each each cable the over-the-ear form. It makes them a lot easier to pop in and are even more comfortable. You can still wear the Flux Pros like regular earbuds by switching ears, but once you get used to over-ear, you won’t want to turn back.

You have your choice of four different pairs of ear tips–there’s silicon in small, medium, and large, or Comply memory foam which expands in your ear for the perfect fit. There’s a really nice zippered carrying case made out of neoprene that’s ideal for pocketing. It fits the Flux Pros and there’s a compartment for the extra eartips.

The Flux Pros don’t use a standard dynamic headphone driver, instead they use what’s called a “Balanced Armature Driver”. It doesn’t require external air and is built much smaller and with more precise/accurate audio reproduction. The audio is extremely crisp and high in fidelity. They sound great, but could benefit from a little extra bass. They’re marketed as gaming headphones, and games have a lot more bass than music, but they’re still very much music headphones. You’ll get a little extra bass if you find a perfect fit with the silicon eartips. There’s a lot of detail in the mids and highs, and they’re well balanced.

For in-ear headphones, the Flux Pros sure have a lot of features. This is the quick recap: Inline remote with microphone, tangle-free cable with built-in ControlTalk, swappable plugs for complete compatibility with headphones and microphone, over-the-ear design that don’t fall out of your ears, Comply memory foam ear tips, and a balanced armature driver for precise audio. This is the first pair of SteelSeries headphones we’ve reviewed and we are quite impressed. We’re even impressed with the carrying case, it’s minimalistic, squishy, and durable/protective enough for everyday pocket use. The SteelSeries Flux In-Ear Pro Headset sell for $110 on Amazon. They’re pricey, but justifiable.

Buy it!

The Good: Actually stay in-ear, Comfortable, Rubber ear-guide very helpful for putting on and keeping on, Built-in ControlTalk with microphone, Swappable cable for universal usage, Small and light, Tangle-free cable, Great carrying case, Memory foam eartips included

The Bad: No volume controls, Ear guides tricky to get on, Have to get used to over ear design

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