Gumdrop Hideaway Case is One Tough Case for the iPad Air – Review

If you have ever seen what happens to an iPad when if falls a few feet on its corner, then you’ll understand why heavy duty cases like the Gumdrop Hideaway are needed.

This case is very well built, with a cool, tire tread pattern to improve your grip. The corners in particular are reinforced to give added shock absorption. Getting your iPad in and out of this is a bit tricky, but that is to be expected given the level of protection it provides. And we should mention that it all snaps together easier than some Otter box cases we’ve seen.

That said, the Gumdrop Hideaway case offers far more protection than just drops. It offers complete security, including the screen and all the ports. The thin plastic cover will certainly guard against scratches without taking too much away from good looks of the screen itself.

So what does the “Hideaway” in the name mean? Despite being a rugged outdoor case, there are times when you’ll need to set it up on your desk. So concealed in the back is a simple, yet sturdy, stand which gives you two angles of viewing.


For a rugged case, the Gumdrop Hideaway Case for iPad Air is surprisingly lightweight. It will also give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your task at hand rather than being worried about dropping your pricey iPad. The case is currently available in black, blue and orange. At $69.95 it’s a bit pricey but still cheaper than comparable rugged cases.

Buy it!

The Good: Great protection. Pretty lightweight. Fair price.

The Bad: Not very attractive. Bulky. Not waterproof.

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