Umbra Transforms Skinny Jeans into a Jewelry Holder

skinnyIf you’re all about that skinny jeans life, there’s a new something you need to own. And, in a clear break with skinny jeans tradition, this jewelry holder can actually hold things that are not your legs.

The Skinny Jeans Jewelry Holder is the latest in a series of sorts from Umbra and designer Matt Carr, this time joined by Tracy Wong. Without a doubt the most utilitarian pair of skinny jeans you’ll ever see, the shapely jewelry holder has 24 clear pockets and 32 hooks. If your personal treasure trove is smaller than that, you can probably find some other uses for the empty hooks and pockets – smartphones, credit cards, earphones, and all that.

And, for those of you who were thinking about it (I know you’re out there), no, I don’t think you can actually wear these. You can tell because they’re too inexpensive to be a pair of skinny jeans you can wear – $17 off Umbra.

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