Vanesa Rey iPhone 5S Necklace is for Fashion Pimps


Sometimes, the iPhone is like a yoke, dragging you down with the clamor and expectations of social media and a questionable work-life balance. Other times, it’s literally a yoke – but what a fine looking yoke it is.

The Vanesa Rey Necklace Case for the iPhone 5/5S is a jewelry-grade necklace, with an iPhone 5/5S case as the pendant. The cases are made from your choice of genuine or vegan leather, and can come with crystal embellishments on the front, to make things feel a little more jewelry and a little less lanyard.

Besides the benefit of not having to fish your phone out of your pocket or purse to use it, the case also has a thin wallet on the back, which can hold a few cards and some cash. In that sense, it’s pretty handy – your essentials are always on hand, and are going to be a lot more difficult for someone to swipe. But, if you ever want to lose the chain for whatever reason, it’s removable, too.

The Vanesa Rey Necklace Case comes in black, birch tree tan, white orchid, red poppy, pink peony, mint flower and blue lilac, and costs between $100 and $150, depending on which options you choose.