Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdrivers Look Even Better Dangling From Ears

screwdriverIf you’re a proud Matt Smith fangirl (or hey, maybe you like them all, no need to discriminate), there are a couple of Sonic Screwdrivers out there that belong on your ears.

I’m not sure if they’ll open doors for you in the way that you’re hoping for, but these Sonic Screwdriver earrings will look pretty, at least. They’re in the form of the eleventh Doctor’s model of the Sonic Screwdriver. And, excellent news – they aren’t some cheap imitations that someone tried to slap the Doctor Who name onto. These are faithful to the real thing, and are licensed by the BBC. Only the finest for all the Whovians out there.

The Sonic Screwdriver earrings are made from steel, but keep it cheap at $20 over on ThinkGeek.

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