Xbox One Wears Nintendo NES and SNES Skins Well

XBOX One NES SkinYou’re playing games on the Xbox One, yeah, but is that the console you’re really seeing in your head while you have your fun? No, you’re probably thinking about your old flames. Well, now you don’t need to imagine anymore – you can just dress your shiny new console up in familiar old rags.

Xbox One SNES Skin

Etsy seller Killer Duck Decals is cranking out NES and SNES vinyl skins for the Xbox One. Because of the Xbox One’s substantial girth, the decals cover half the console, so you don’t end up with a weird, stretched out NES or SNES look. The decals both ring true for the most part, except they’re labeled as ‘Xbox One Entertainment System’ and ‘Super Xbox!’. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Also, the outline of the hinged door covering the cartridge insert area on the NES looks really squished. I’m just out here nitpicking.

Anyway, they’re actually pretty impressive representations of the good old consoles. You can get them both off Etsy for $25 each.

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