XOEye Just Made Corporate Espionage a Little Bit Easier

xoeyeWearable anything tech is becoming an undeniable new trend, and it’s getting to the point where breaking in is going to be a challenge. But, XOEye has a solid angle – a comfortable, reasonably sized pair of eyeglasses that double as a streaming video camera with its own API.

The eyeglasses will use a 5 MP camera to stream HD video, take stills, or record locally. They go beyond just being a wearable video camera, though – it’s meant to offer more of a holistic communications experience, with a microphone and speakers. The gyroscope and accelerometer are more for data measurement. What kind of measurement depends on what developers do with the API that XOEye will be releasing for third party developers.

The eyeglasses from XOEye are going to be directed towards the business world, and as creepy as seeing through someone else’s eyes like you were playing a first-person shooter might sound, there are some pretty useful applications here. More than anything, it’s meant to be a new way of logging data and checking progress on projects – instead of relying on word of mouth and written notes, project managers can actually see what’s going on in real-time, regardless of where they are. A first-person view is going to be better than anything a fixed camera provides, and the wearer has the benefit of a hands-free device that they don’t have to fuss with.

There’s no word on how much these will cost, but they’re coming next year along with the developer-friendly API, so you can make your own apps that work with XOEye’s proprietary software and firmware. Stay tuned.

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