14 Subscription Boxes That Will Surprise You

Subscription boxes are wonderful things. The likes of BirchBox, Ipsy, and Nerd Block means that you can enjoy a little taste of your favorite thing every month. A small sign up fee, and then an amazing surprise in a pretty package. What’s not to love? Well, we’re not saying that you won’t enjoy the following boxes we’re going to show you.. we’re just not certain that every single one will appeal. But that’s the joy of the internet right — and the subscription model. There truly is something for everyone, whether it’s monthly ball gags or cannabis couture.

Fright Casket


One of those people who counts down the days to Halloween and licks that Kruger poster on the wall to help you sleep? Now you can get a box of creepy treats once a month with Fright Casket.


Marvina weed box

Marvina is in San Francisco only (so far) and a medical marijuana card is mandatory, but if you tick both of those boxes, Marvina will deliver you high quality bud, right to your door. High happy days, right?

UPDATE 03/17/2016: This box is no longer available.

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