Win a Pair of V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones

The weather outside might be frightful, but how about some music to warm you up? That is where V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100 headphones come in. These headphones offer a rich and warm audio experience that has been praised by audiophiles everywhere. They are also super tough thanks to their steel and kevlar construction, which is complimented by a CliqFold hinge which makes the headphones easier to travel with. You can also check out our full review of the headphones.

In any case, normally a pair of M-100’s would set you back $300, but we’re giving away a pair here. So enter to win below!

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  1. My headphones are broken. I really need them because I usually listen to video on my computer when my husband is watching TV. This way I don’t have to leave the room when I am working on other things.

  2. I’d love to win these because they look so comfortable and look like high quality. Thanks so much.

  3. I want these headphones so I can control combat the outbursts that High Functioning Autism curses me with. Almost every day I find myself about to go off and headphones like these would calm me down. The bass that headphones like these give off pacify me.

  4. My old V-moda’s broke after i allowed a friend to borrow them. He then left me with no money or headphones.

  5. I want the V-MODA headphones because I love to listen to music and want to enjoy it with great sound quality.

  6. My headphones are broken and taped up. Plus I have a shortage in them. Would LOVE a new pair of quality headphones!

  7. with 5 grandkids here daily …I ve finally come to the conclusion am in need of a pair of Headphones and I can’t go wrong with one of your choices

  8. I have wanted a pr forever and never do for myself so they would for sure be mine <3 thanks for chance

  9. because i would love to hear how quaity really sounds and with these i know ill get the perfect sound

  10. I would love the V-MODA Crossfade headphones because I hear they have excellent sound quality and what better way to enjoy my favorite music on the way to work! Thanks for the chance to win them!

  11. I would like to win the V-MODA Crossfade headphones to replace the lousy ear buds that came with my iPod.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  12. I would love to have these, so I can quit borrowing my husbands. Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful headphones.

  13. I want the V-MODA Crossfade headphones because they’re much better than the ones that I’m currently using.

  14. From what i have read here, the V-MODA’s Crossfade M-100 headphones evokes the experience of a live performance. I am going to be upgrading a lot of my equipment this year, but probably won’t purchase headphones unless I think there is a HUGE difference in sound. I entertain a LOT of teenagers here on weekends and summer evenings ( my son has parties) and I know they are really into quality sound when they game and play music.

  15. I would love to have these for when I am working. I love that they have create a V-CORK seal. These would be amazing to have. Thanks for the chance.

  16. I love these headphones because they are just stylish. They sound great, the soundstage has a lot of depth, and they are the most detailed headphones I have seen! 😀

  17. I’ve tried these. I like them because they have good bass response without the mid range distortion you get on some of the better known headphones.

  18. I want a pair of V-MODA’s because I just lost my headphones and my budget doesn’t permit me getting any over $20. See my problem?

  19. I want to win them because I’ve read a lot of reviews for the V-Moda’s and they seem have great range and balance and that’s important to me.

  20. Would like a pair when I am doing stuff in the garden. And not be sharing my music with the whole neighbor hood! ?

  21. My husband likes to listen to his music really loud in his garage and some nights it keeps me awake because of how loud it is. With these headphones he can listen to his music and not keep me up.

  22. These look really comfortable all the way around, currently I use the in ear headphones but they tend to hurt my head and I can’t listen for too long.

  23. My soon to be finance would love this as a gift. He’s on SoundCloud doing his bits on there and these are his favorite colors. Red & Black!

  24. I would love to have a pair of real, good quality headphones to hear my music the way it should be heard.

  25. I work in a dull cube, and sometimes when I need to focus, I put on headphones and listen to music. these would help me in my efforts to drown out my noisy cube neighbors!

  26. i need the headphones because i like to listen to my music at my level and in a household of 7, i need them, plus while i use them i drown out the noise of 4 children outside my door, lol yes yes i need them now!

  27. I have constant headaches and the headphones I have now are so uncomfortable they make everything worse. These look very comfortable!

  28. Because I have never had a really nice pair of headphones and they would come in handy

  29. I had a nice pair of noise canceling headphones. They are really old and not working. I understand these are really excellent. I can hear the music already. LOL

  30. I really need a pair of headphones….and I would really like these cause these are the best!!

  31. I’ve never owned high-quality headphones; only the plastic, tinny cheapo kind. My ears seriously need a break!

  32. I really want to win these headphones for my daughter who is always listening to music and always losing her headphones! And I love that they are military grade! Thank you.

  33. I so need a pair of headphones! My kids put theirs on so they can’t hear me, I want to put to some on so I can’t here their arguing : )

  34. I would like to win these for my newly teenaged daughter, lol, this kid burns through headphones and ear buds like it’s a business, and I am curious about how steel and kevlar would hold up against my little demon, I mean darling, lol, sorry!

  35. So I can listen to music or watch videos on the computer with my nice headphones while my kids watch Spongebob:)

  36. I am a musician and these would be nice for me to work on these while working on some of the media projects so that my husband can have a break, or maybe he’d like to wear them while I’m playing…

  37. I am in need of a great pair of headphones!! Im really tired of buying ok quakity ($30) headphones that last a couple months then the plug messes up or cushions fall off of the speakers or the speaker snaps off! I just dont have the money atm to get an awesome pair like these, please pick me! 🙂

  38. I would love to win these to gift them to my girlfriend. She would absolutely LOVE these! Thx!

  39. I don’t have any headphones and would love to win these. I bet the sound quality of the V-MODA M-100 headphones are awesome!!

  40. I would like these for my son who just started work as a audio engineer and needs a good pair of headphones.

  41. I’ve had my current pair of headphones since 2007 and the right side speaker fades in and out sometimes. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 would be a great upgrade.

  42. I want to give these to my wife so that she doesn’t have to listen to the woman that works in the next cubicle.

  43. I have loved these headphones for a long time know and to know that I could win one would be a dream for me I absolutely love them.

  44. I want this because they are awesome and I would listen to music with them when I am on my computer.

  45. I definitely would love a higher quality headphone to use at work – the pair I have now have such a tinny sound and make my favorite music sound pretty mediocre. The workday would be so much more pleasant with a high quality headphone!

    Geoff K
    gkaufmanss at yahoo dot com

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