AeroLife Air-Based Nutritional Supplements are Something out of the Jetsons

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If liquids and solids are the present of nutrition, that leaves air as the future, right? That’s where AeroLife is going, offering up a brand new line of nutritional supplements that are taken in through the air. If the future is all about convenience, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The AeroLife nutrition system comes in little cylinders called AeroPods, loaded with tiny bits of powder. Whenever you feel the need, you can touch the recyclable tip to your mouth and draw in air from the cylinder – the powder, which is basically pure nutrients without any of the strange additives you might find in food or drink, will land on your tongue, giving you a sensation of flavor before going down the gullet and giving you a boost instantly.


AeroLife has products for all times of the day, but they’re leading off with AeroLife Energy. AeroLife Energy provides your body with caffeine and B vitamins to give you a second wind if you feel yourself flagging at the office or adventuring in the great outdoors. The AeroPods are small enough to fit in your pocket, and getting a quick energy boost takes mere seconds, without having to take in extra calories or sugars. Without any calories or sugars, you’re free to manage your nutritional supplements through AeroLife how you choose, without having to worry about your daily limits.

If you’re on the fence, you can Start your free trial now of AeroLife Energy. You can get a free 12-pack of AeroLife Energy in watermelon or raspberry flavors from AeroLife.com, and if you like what you get, you can get more on their online store. But, energy isn’t the only thing AeroLife has in the pipeline. Sleep and immunity boosts are coming soon, along with a travel kit that gives you immunity, sleep, and energy AeroPods – everything you need to fight off jet lag and make the most of your travel experiences. Keep an eye on their website, and in the meantime, give their free trial a try and discover the airborne future of nutrition!

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