Hands on with ASUS VivoTab Note 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet with Wacom Digitizer Stylus

Appropriately enough, 8” seems to be the size of choice for Windows 8 tablets. At CES this week, ASUS introduced their take on the 8” Windows 8 tablet for the new year – the VivoTab Note 8, featuring a digitizer stylus that promises greater accuracy and fluidity.

The VivoTab Note 8 will run Windows 8.1 on a quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 processor, part of the Bay Trail line, Intel’s most advanced mobile processors. There will be an IPS HD display that will fall short of being 1080p. Inside, the VivoTab Note 8 has 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and a big enough battery to get the tablet through the average work day. Storage can be expanded thanks to a microSD card slot. ASUS is saying that despite the size, the VivoTab Note 8 can still be thought of as a one-hand tablet, partly because it only weighs 380 grams.

The Wacom digitizer stylus will be included with purchase, and will be a step up from the average stylus. The digitizer technology makes it especially sensitive to various amounts of pressure, making it more useful for sketching. It’ll do a much better job of approximating the feeling of putting pen to paper, which could make it an attractive tablet for creative types.

Granted, with the relatively low resolution on the display, it would probably only be a good low-cost option for those in media, and that’s the part we don’t know yet. ASUS is yet to reveal pricing or availability information for the VivoTab Note 8.

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  1. Enough of the low resolution nonsense. Specification snobbery is a shortcut to thinking: there is more to a screen than dpi specs, look at the screen, not the numbers. The Dell Venue 8 Pro has the same screen and anyone who says they need more is likely full of it. They may WANT more, but they don’t need it. An extra hour or so of battery life is so much more important on a device like this. Save the hi-res for a primary device.

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