Basis, A Sleep and Fitness Tracker So Good it Counts Sheep For You


Well it counts sheep metaphorically speaking. Basis covers more than the basics found in sleep and fitness trackers. There are 4 advanced sensors stored on the watch. Body IQ does the grunt work by detecting your daytime motion activity levels, sleep cycles, complete with a hypnogram, heart rate levels, and even perspiration, just in case you were dying to know how much you sweat at any given time.

You can expect to see the usual metrics like calories burned, steps, activity levels, resting heart rate, and sleep metrics. This thing never stops monitoring you. After a night’s sleep, you can awaken to find information about your sleep habits, such as when you entered REM sleep, deep sleep, light sleep, and even the toss and turn purgatory of the night. This culminates in a Sleep Score that evaluates your overall sleep quality and showcases sleep progress over time. That’s right, apparently you can actually make progress in how well you sleep.

As many a therapist can attest to, heart rate can be one of the first indicators of stress. Mother in law around? Up it goes! Petting a puppy, down it goes. This sort of evaluation is meant to help you identify triggers and avoid or mitigate them. They even provide breathing exercises you can practice to do so. This is one of many areas where the information gathered is translated into helpful tips to improve life quality and form lasting healthy habits. All this information is synced wirelessly with mobile apps via Bluetooth.

The Basis is available in the Carbon Steel Edition at Basis and soon Amazon, and Best Buy for $199. There are no subscriptions required. The rechargeable battery last 4 days and recharges via USB connector which is included.

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