Beardo Lion Ski Mask Will Scare the Polar Cold Away


Does scaring everyone else off their skis and probably getting a few ski poles thrust in your face sound like a good time at the slopes? Yes? Of course it does. Go get yourself a Lion Ski Mask from Beardo and enjoy.

The effect that this mask is going to have on everyone else is pretty clear, but what about you? Well, it turns out this is a pretty sweet ski mask where you’re concerned. It’s made of anti-microbial fiber, so it won’t start smelling, which is key. There’s also anti-fog protection, so if you’re wearing goggles, you’ll be able to see out of them the entire time, which tends to be pretty handy when you’re hurtling down a mountain.


It also makes you look like you’re about to viciously attack the (too slow) skier in front of you, so there’s that. Beardo has this fearsome ski mask selling for $30.

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