Beats Music Goes Live on January 21st



Yup, it’s another streaming music service. But, before you roll your eyes, know this – Beats Music does manage to try some new things with their take on on-demand music, especially with how they curate new playlists.

Beats Music, which will officially launch on January 21, will offer a music library filled with millions of songs for live streaming and downloading for offline use. The highlight of the service is how it goes about providing you with playlists. Beats Music will give you recommendations based on your musical preferences and, in a few novel twists, on what you’re doing, where you are, and what kind of ‘cultural context’ you’re in at the moment. I’m not exactly sure what they mean by that last one, but it certainly seems to be something no one has tried yet.

With those recommendations, you can have Beats Music create an ongoing playlist for you, or have a more tailored playlist sent to you four times daily. Curation will be a big part of Beats Music, both in personal playlists and editorial playlists created using handpicked selections from the staff. The latter will be found under highlights, which will also recommend classic albums and new releases. To top it off, there will be guest curated playlists from music authorities like The Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

Beats Music will be available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and the web, but as it turns out, operating system won’t be the main limiting factor here. For now, a special Beats Music deal is exclusive to AT&T customers. And, for families on an AT&T family plan, Beats Music just might be the best deal out there. A family subscription for $14.99 per month will unlock Beats Music for up to five people on up to ten devices. Everyone else can get an individual Beats Music subscription for $9.99 per month, which will enable access on up to three devices. There will be free trials, too – 90 days for the family plan version, and 30 days for individual subscriptions. Target is also getting in on the action – they’ll be selling prepaid cards that can be used to gift Beats Music, and they’ll be handing out free one-month passes with any purchase made at the electronics counter during the week of January 26.


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