Belkin Grip Candy Case iPhone 5c Case Review

Are you looking for a simple case that will complement your iPhone 5c without embellishing it too much? Belkin’s Grip Candy Case is just what you need.

This case is called the Grip, because it does just that. It is made from a smooth, semi-flexible material with a thin rubbery strip around the frame. This combination will allow it to slide in and out of your pocket with ease, while also making the phone easy to grip.

This is a straightforward case adds just a hint of color on the edge, while allowing your phone’s true colors to shine through. As with many cases the volume and power buttons are covered while the mute, camera, speakers and lightning ports are exposed. The wraparound frame protects the screen from scratches, so you can lay the phone facedown without worry.


Belkin’s Grip Candy Case case is a sleek, sturdy little case. If you’d like a little more protection for your iPhone 5c, but don’t want your 5c to lose its identity, this is the case for you. It comes in 3 color combinations (clear/topaz, clear black, clear/purple). And you can order one today for just $24.99, but it can be found on Amazon for as low as $20.99.

Buy it!

The Good: Easy grip. Great protection. Doesn’t hide your iPhone 5C’s natural color too much. Affordable.

The Bad: None.