Bitcoins Can Now Buy You a Suit

IMG_0560Bitcoins! They’re not just for drugs and currency speculation anymore! No, thanks to Arden Reed, you can now use them get yourself a tailored suit, with another big tech twist besides the currency being accepted.

Arden Reed isn’t your typical menswear outlet – for one, it has wheels. They’ve jumped in on the expansion of the food truck craze to the world of retail, sending out trucks made to bring suits to the masses. There’s a curveball when you get to the suits themselves, too – Arden Reed suits are really going to fit you well, thanks to 3DD body scanning technology that gets all of your measurements down more accurately, and without any touching involved.

And now, they’re accepting Bitcoins. All you need to do is tell the truck staffers that you want to pony up in Bitcoin, and they’ll do some QR code scanning and set you on your way. Suits get shipped out within four weeks of a visit to the suit truck. Arden Reed is based in New York and is coming to Los Angeles, but the truck occasionally makes stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Boston. Now you’ll just need to wait until the value of a Bitcoin swings wildly in your favor! Probably won’t take long.

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