Braven’s BRV-X Outdoor Speaker is Meant for Open Air Sound

Braven’s latest speaker, the BRV-X could handle the worst of Bear Grylls’ wilderness antics. It’s a tough speaker optimized for outdoor use to provide clear crisp sound, and also attract bears. Ok, maybe not that last thing.

It doesn’t seem to matter how awesome a speaker is when you take it outside, they all seem to lose their punch to the open air. However, this speaker has a setting just for that environment. It maximizes the sound quality using custom HD drivers, with an omnidirectional passive bass radiator. Making it one of the only outdoor speakers to adjust to its surroundings.

It also comes stocked with a built-in noise cancelling speakerphone so your callers won’t be disturbed by the ambient noises of nature. The speaker can also charge USB devices since it has an integrated power bank. It can also pair via NFC and their “TrueWireless” tech with another BRV-X to provide true left and right stereo sound. See Braven for more.

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