Cassette Bluetooth Adapter Makes Your DeLorean Bluetooth Compatible

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.07.07 AM
Some cars stick around like taffy in teeth. While some people love and nurture their old cars, others are stuck with them as grateful teenagers with their first hunk o’ junk.  But everybody loves music while driving, which is why this delightful little adapter is perfect for anyone in the dilemma of having an old car in a modern age of Bluetooth devices.

The Cassette adapter looks identical to its namesake. It is compatible with any standard cassette player, even boomboxes! Pop it in ol’ Bessy, connect via Bluetooth, and stream music from your devices as easily as that. The adapter knows when to turn off automatically when ejected, so you can get the most out of the battery. It charges via USB with the included cable, which is the only cable that this uses. It is wireless when not charging.

This can saves loads off stereo upgrades, as well as looking inconspicuous to would be thieves, after all, who would want a gnarly old cassette? We suggest further theft discouragement by labeling it with some truly awful 80’s band names. Available through iON.

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