Check Out Our CES 2014 Survival Kit


CES 2014 is just around the corner, and our coverage of the world’s biggest consumer electronics show starts this Sunday. But before heading out to deal with the throngs of tech loving crowds in Vegas, we’re going to share with you what is in our CES Survival kit this year – well, at least some of it. Now if only our flights would stop being cancelled…


Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

The Yoga 2 Pro offers a perfect blend of performance and versatility on the go. To that effect, the system weighs just 3.06 lbs but it still packs in a powerful 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and a beautiful QHD+ display. The display is perfect for HD video editing and Photoshop on the go. Plus, in addition to offering a good old laptop form factor, the system’s multimode design also makes it perfect for impromptu meetings and presentations.



T-Mobile’s Samsung Hotspot Pro

Each year’s during CES, the data networks at the show get overwhelmed and bogged down, and often become unusable. So we’re very interested in seeing how T-Mobile’s new LTE network will perform under such immense pressure. We’ll be using the Samsung Hotspot Pro with its dedicated color display, to put the network to the test.



Blueflame’s 2M Charge + Sync Cable with Lightning Connector

Carrying a lightning connector cable along to charge your iPhone is essential, but Blueflame’s 2M Charge + Sync Cable with Lightning Connector is even more practical since its extra long, making it perfect for stringing it around hotel rooms and crowded press rooms.

blueflameBlueflame Powerbar Portable Speaker

The Powerbar is compact enough to throw in a purse, but it’s powerful enough to play us some tunes while we work. It also doubles as a handsfree speaker system for group conference calls on the go. Plus, its 9 hour battery life should get us through the day and it easily charges via Micro-USB. Not bad for $99.



Incipio Offgrid Portable Backup Battery

Can’t find an available outlet to charge your phone at CES? No problem. The Offgrid Portable backpack from Incipio is essential since it provides us with a few full smartphone charges throughout the day.



Blueflame The Pack

The Pack from Blueflame offers plenty of pockets to carry all of our gear safely – and that includes our tablet, laptop, smartphone, and accessories, yet it’s still able to remain slim and compact. Furthermore, its black checkered exterior makes it classy enough to blend in in more refined environments. We also appreciate that it’s a lightweight and compact backpack, so that it’s just our gear that is weighing us down, and not the actual backpack.



The Essentials

Belkin and Linksys sent us a super practical CES 2014 Survival kit this year which includes Wet Ones for sanitizing after hand shakes, Jergens Ultra-healing to help deal with dry skin in Vegas, Belkin Chapstick for dry lips, and perhaps the most practical of them all – a pair of cushion insoles. Nice work guys!