Google Makes Chrome Even More Alluring with LEGO Extension


The LEGO movie is coming out next week, and to celebrate, Chrome has a new app that will pretty much guarantee that you will get absolutely no work done for the foreseeable future.

Google is opening up Build With Chrome, which turns the entire world into a LEGO playset. If you let the web app use your current location, you’ll get a plot of land located on or near your place of residence. After that, well, you know what to do. You have a blank baseplate and some bricks. The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Now, I know we’d all rather have the actual bricks in hand, but hey, you can’t bring your giant tub or bricks to work with you, unless you work at Google or something. For everyone else, digital building is the next best thing. Besides, you’re going to be doing your part to create a whole wide world of LEGO buildings – the sum total of the good people of Earth’s LEGO creativity. That’s a noble endeavor that even the stodgiest boss will have to get behind.


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