CSR’s Bluetooth Necklace Pendants Match Your Outfit and Blink to Alert

The CSR1012 is a necklace pendant with bluetooth connectivity. You can alter the light to match your outfit, and customize the alerts it can send you. Alerts appear to be a series of blinking lights. This prototype’s purpose seems to be more of a “Look at what we could do!” than an actual viable market solution. It is an interesting concept to merge jewelry with notification systems. Now, how one can see this on their own neck throughout the day, may be a problem, as well as the possible uncomfortable nature of advertising your alerts with an obnoxious pulsing light to anyone else who is looking at you. Perhaps this is better suited to a bracelet.

Currently CSR is in partnership with boutique jeweler Cellini to make these accessories. The CSR microprocessor within the necklaces supports the Apple Notification Center Service, which is what makes these notifications possible. They are also working on Android support.

The real focus here is the printed circuit board, just as Paul Williamson, Director of Low Power Wireless at CSR says, “Developers could use the same printed circuit board (PCB) to design more aesthetically pleasing activity monitors. They could even integrate scent capsules to allow users to release a spray of their favorite fragrance at certain times of day. We wanted to give our customers a glimpse of what they could do with this technology.” See CSR for more.

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