Deka’s Bluetooth Headset Rocks Custom 3D Designs

Woman-red-dots-e1386454565135Why hasn’t there been a big push for custom Bluetooth headsets? Who knows? Deka is taking steps to rectify that mistake, by offering up some slick, low-profile Bluetooth headsets that can be made to order.

The Deka Bluetooth headset looks like a small disk that covers the inner part of your ear. It doesn’t jut out past the ear, so it ends up being a little more discreet than the elongated style, and probably won’t carry the stigma of that traditional Bluetooth headset look, either. It won’t be too discreet, though – on the front of every unit is a slide faceplate that can be ordered custom with any design you choose or upload – even 3D designs. The baseplate comes in grey, black, or white, and the whole thing is coated in Liquipel technology to make it waterproof.

The Deka Bluetooth headset will normally retail for $60, but they have a pre-order sale going on right now, where you can get one for $48. That deal is good for the next eight days, so you have time to think about what kind of eye candy you want sticking out of your ear.

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