New Study Reveals Dogs Excrete Along Earth’s Magnetic Field


Hard-hitting science today, as the culmination of two years of scientists rigorously observing dogs urinate and defecate all over the place has resulted in conclusions that will rock the scientific community for years to come. Or, it’ll be science’s answer to Gangnam Style. Either way.

Indeed, for two years, it was the job of some people (actually, a lot of people, looking at the list of authors) to observe dogs doing their business. Why? To see if said dogs lined up with the Earth’s magnetic field while doing said business. The results say yes. For whatever reason, dogs have some sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field, and prefer to let fly according to those lines. The effect was seen in 70 dogs of 37 different breeds, making for 1,893(!) observations of defecation and 5,582(!!!) observations of urination. This is the first time dogs have been shown to have sensitivity to the Earth’s magnetic field, which I’m sure is thrilling to the maybe couple of dozen people to whom this is relevant.

Except, there’s the whole business of the Earth’s magnetic poles going into reversal this year. What sayeth science? According to the study, when the magnetic field temporarily devolved into directional chaos, dogs’ well-ingrained behaviors were cast to the wind. Madness reigned, as dogs left their mark in all directions, the quiet, reassuring voice of the cosmos having fallen silent. Soon, the poles will completely reverse, and order will be restored. The trauma will live on.

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