Dyson’s Newest Vacuum DC59 Cuts the Cord

DC59 620x398 Dysons Newest Vacuum DC59 Cuts the Cord

Dyson DC59

Dyson is back at it again with two updates to their growing line of powerful suctioning beasts. First up is the DC59 Animal, which is so much more than a cordless vacuum. This has the chops to go head to head with a traditional wired vac. The DC59 has been built to last 26 minutes on a single charge and its re-designed brush bar gets in deep on carpets, but is still gentle on hardwood floors. But perhaps the most impressive resigned portion of the DC59 is the Dyson digital motor V6. This motor spins at 110,000 a minute, creating a powerful suction that challenges most traditional uprights and canister vacs. And while it will only last for 26 minutes or less, the DC59 is ideal for those apartment dwellers that want something compact and powerful. Honestly, how many of us are cleaning longer than 30 minutes at a time anyway? And if you are – can you come to my house?

DC65 620x414 Dysons Newest Vacuum DC59 Cuts the Cord

Dyson DC65

We spent some hands on time with the DC59, and it is indeed powerful, light, and easy to maneuver. We vacuumed dog hair, cereal, and powder off of the floors. Everything vacuumed up beautifully and left no residue or dust behind. That said, the one caveat is that the DC59 is pretty expensive at $499.99. True, you get a powerful wireless vacuum, but the price is pretty steep, even by Dyson standards. So if you are on more of a budget, than the DC58 should do pretty nicely and it will only cost you half the price at $249.99, and it will launch on January 19th along with the DC59. You’ll be missing out on the long wand, but the DC58 should suffice for quick and up-close jobs.

Lastly, the DC65 upright vacuum is a powerful vacuum that has also been redesigned from the inside out. A new brush bar, increased suctioning power, and increased flexibility for different floor types. We took the DC65 for a spin on some carpet and hardwood floors and the cleaning head easily adjusted from one floor type to the next. We went from a thick pile carpet to a sheer hardwood floor within seconds and there was no scuff marks or residue left in sight. The DC65 is a bit hefty, yet it glides easily on hardwood, but when it’s vacuuming on carpet, it leaves track marks from the deep suctioning power like nobody’s business.

dc58 620x413 Dysons Newest Vacuum DC59 Cuts the Cord

Dyson DC58

There will be three different vacuums available in the DC65 range: the DC65 Multifloor, DC65 Animal, and DC65 Animal Complete. Pricing starts at $499 and goes upwards to $649 and they will be available at Best Buy starting on January 19th, as well as other retailers over the next two months.