Element Partners with Ducati and Hogue for Two Lines of Tough as Nails iPhone Cases

Element Case is out showcase their brand with two major partnerships with Ducati, manufacturer of high-end Italian motorcycles, and Hogue Inc., manufacturer of firearm accessories and tactical knives, to make at the very least to say, an intriguing line of iPhone and iPad Accessories. Both companies lent their expertise in their various field technologies to craft very durable and super rugged looking products.

The Ducati line will have the classic Ducati insignia as well as components found in the famous motorcycle manufacturing. So naturally, they also developed a special mounting system that will work for Ducati motorcycles. These can be found in all the North American and European Ducati dealerships ranging in price from $50 to $200 as of February.

Element Case’s Hogue line of specialty products included, both limited edition and full scale quantities of the the Ion 5, Rogue Black Ops, Sector 5 Black Ops, Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, along with the Ronin G10. These combine Hogue’s proprietary and patent-pending G10, G-Mascus composite materials, TPU polymer grips material, with Element Case’s CNC-Machined Aluminum components. Composite back plates, side rails and other pieces that use highly specialized Mil-Spec materials will also be integrated for an incredibly tough and shock resistant case. This line is also available for a range of $50 to $200 at Hogue and Element.