Elio is the $6,800 Tricycle Car with 84mpg Coming in 2015

Four wheels are so last year. The Elio is the Tricycle that is taking the crown of three wheels from toddlers everywhere and placing it on the road for grown ups, with 84 mpg highway on its gas powered 3 cylinder engine. Michigan will see the creation of 1500 jobs as these go into production.

The Elio Trike seats two in tandem, kind of like a go-cart. It comes with a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty, AC, power window, locks, and am/fm stereo, or in other words, the bare bones of necessities. Fortunately, it does have a 5 star crash rating, so it shouldn’t crumple like a toaster under a T-Rex.

Now we call all stop making fun of the tiny tiny electric cars and work out a whole new routine on these hyper fuel efficient roadsters, starting with Mr. Bean jokes. You may think that this is just another funny CES idea you will never hear about again, but actually the company claims to have an upwards of 6,000 deposits from interested folks on these $6,800 Trikes. You should start seeing these on the road around early to mid 2015. See Elio for more.

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  1. Cool. 84mpg so why are we fracking, coaling and drilling only to export all of this harmful crap we no longer need!