Exclusive: Hands On with Mophie Space Pack

Mophie’s Space Pack Charger and Storage Case for iPhone has been one of the most buzzed about gadgets here at CES 2014. We just received an exclusive hands on demo and will admit that the device lives up to the hype.

Physically, the Mophie Space Pack is nearly identical to their Juice Pack Air, a silky smooth and sleek iPhone case that doubles your iPhone 5/5S battery. The Mophie Space Pack will also double your iPhone battery with an extra 1700 mAh of juice. The icing on the cake is that the Mophie Space Pack can even double your iPhone’s storage with 16GB or 32GB of its own built-in storage.

Naturally, there’s some confusion on how exactly the Space Pack can add storage to your iPhone, a device that Apple has notoriously locked down. The answer is the Mophie App, it pretty much does it all. Using the app you have complete access to your Mophie storage and files, and it plays nice with Apple. The Mophie storage is independent from your iPhone storage, so you can’t use the extra space to add new music or videos to your iTunes app, however you can add all the music and videos as you want and access them from the Mophie player. You can even automatically back up your iPhone’s camera roll to the Mophie, and then free up storage space on your iPhone.

On the Mophie app you can access your files in a raw file system like you would open a flash drive on your computer, or you can have the app organize your media into music, videos, and documents. Beautifully, all of your media is sortable and you’ll even have control over it. You can email files, open them in iPhone apps of your choice, or favorite it for easy access later on.

With a couple months until the release, the app is surprisingly smoothed, polished and has a familiarity that users will easily adapt too. Accessing files is lightning fast (that’s an Apple pun, get it?) because of the hard connection. Most devices that extend your storage do it over WiFi which can be slow and flakey. We love that all you have to do is fire up the app. There’s no complicated set up or syncing process. Mophie even gives you an option to password protect the app as there may be sensitive files on it. The Mophie Space Pack Charger will be released in March and retail for $149.95 (16GB Model) and 179.95 (32GB model). Mophie has definitely shaken up the accessory community again.

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  • FatGringoTeach

    This sounds fantastic. Scott.; Anything that can extend battery life and increase memory pops straight to the top of my list. Question – at CES where they demonstrating the 16Gb, 32Gb another model, or both? Just wondering which one you actually had such a seamless experience with.

  • JeffreyLipet

    The biggest problem that I see here is that Apple will probably come out with a new Iphone a couple of months later and this will be a thing of the past. We all know that anytime Apple changes something, its drastic and usually requires a new charger or some type of accessory in order to become compatible.

  • Misty Day

    I wish there were a good way to DOUBLE my DISC SPACE on my iPhone. I fill up the photos in two seconds. So frustrating!

  • http://www.annettelawless.com/ Annette Lawless

    A $150 accessory seems like a bit much to me. That’s the same as the phone itself.

  • Sriracha Sauce

    I agree. Battery life is truly a challenge. It costs too much to maintain a phone, but sheesh… can’t they come a bit cheaper?

  • Paris

    Apple does come out with products way too often. I keep track of things via MacRumors. Saves me a good deal.