Experience 27″ of Touch Screen Goodness with HP’s Z1G2 Workstation

At CES, HP revealed their shiny new HP Z1G2, an all-in-one workstation that has a 27″ touchscreen display, making it the one and only of its kind. It is powered by Intel’s Thunderbolt 2 and is available with Windows 8 Touch. This is a designers workhorse, ideal for drafters, graphic artists and education environments, as well as collaborative design groups.

This beauty of a beastly screen can tilt to adjust from a monitor standing position to nearly flat on the desk. This means you could easily word process throughout the day and then convert it into more of a drafting or drawing table when necessary. It offers a 10 point touch on the edge to edge glass, as well as a non-touch option with anti-glare.

The integration of Thunderbolt allows you to connect a flash drive with nearly four times the USB 3.0 bandwidth. That’s fast. Intel integrated HD graphics, 4th Generation Intel Xeon and Core™ processors, ECC memory, and RAID storage options make this a formidable workstation. A highlight of the graphic options available is the NVIDIA Mobile Quadro GPUs.

The HP Z1G2 Workstation will be available in late January and starts at $1,999.

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