Foreo’s ISSA Beauty Dental Device is Really Just a High Tech Toothbrush

The ISSA may look like a fancy battery powered toothbrush, because it is, but it also has some pretty neat perks too. It is made of a nonporous, ultra-hygienic silicone that is resistant to bacteria buildup, as well as being easy to clean and sterilize.This is much better than the classic nylon bristles that collects bacteria like Beanie Babies. Even better, they only need to be replaced once a year.

The soft nature of the bristles are perfect for not irritating gums. The battery then powers high intensity pulsations of the bristles for in-depth cleaning. By using this brush you are doing your mouth a favor, by starting out the cleaning process with a more germ resistant material like silicone rather than nylon.

This product comes from the same company that brought you the gentle face cleaning brush, the LUNA, at last year’s CES. So far the toothbrushes appear to be available in Lavender, Blue, Dark Pink, Magenta, Aqua, and Purple.

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