iMedipac is a Smart Pill Box That Knows Your Drugs Better Than You Do

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The Medissimo iMedipac could also affectionately be called Pill Nag, since its number one priority is to make sure you comply with your prescribed regimen of medications. The pack is a seven day pill dispenser with 28 pouches for pills. It can be prepared either by yourself, a caretaker, or a kindly pharmacist. Once this pills are in, it is airtight so there will not be any contamination. A system of lights and alarms work to tell you when you should take your pills and can even feed the information into an app where you can choose to allow others, such as your doctor, caretaker, or family see how well you have been doing with compliance. Here is how it works:

Once all the pills are loaded, it is aware of what pills are in there and how they should be scheduled. This is due to the companies own platform and NFC cards that recognize the user or dispenser. Deadlines for taking the pills are calculated based on the pharmacological data about the pills. When the time to take the pill arrives, the compartment lights up and it sounds an alarm. It can also send a text or a phone call as a reminder.

If there is an error than several compartments can light up and the alerts go nuts. Although we wonder how this works with deviations in prescription from the regular dosing, is it read as an error?

The companion mobile application allows patients to access their medication history, share their statistics, or even make notes. The note feature could prove helpful for monitoring side effects of drugs. These kind of advancements are exactly what is needed to combat the sad epidemic of medical error death and complications. See the iMedipac for more info.

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