iTOi Booth Turns iPad Into a Teleprompter of Sorts

The hottest new gadget in Yuppie tech has finally arrived.  The inexplicably massive iTOi is made to facilitate video chat, but at what cost to your desk space and sense of style?

The device, which looks like it came out of Fisher-Price’s professional department, is essentially a stand for your iPad. The iTOi, primarily, does two things. At the bottom, the console (they’re calling it a console) captures sound coming out of the iPad’s speakers, then projects it more loudly and clearly. The elaborate mirror set-up at the top makes it possible for you and the person on the other end of the video chat to maintain actual eye-contact, which I guess is a little off in most cases because of the distance between the front-facing camera and the display on tablets and computers. I’m not sure if this is a problem for you, or anyone, but if it is, here’s your glorious ’80s-inspired solution.

The iTOi Booth is coming soon to Brookstone, with an unknown price tag. There will also be an iOS app released, which will turn the iPad-iTOi combination into a sort of teleprompter. Which you’ll be able to make perfect eye-contact with.

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