Jam Rewind Brings the 80’s Tape Cassette Back to Life

Jam Rewind

Jam is taking a trip back to the ’80s with Jam Rewind, a portable Bluetooth speaker shaped like a cassette tape – and yeah, the cassette tape case is part of the good times, too.

The speaker itself comes in the guise of a cassette tape, but the music coming out of it is going to sound a whole lot better than anything that came out of a tape player back in the day. Jam Rewind actually packs in four speakers, plus a subwoofer, so it’s big on sound for a pretty small sound system. Despite all the power, battery life is still pretty solid, at around eight hours, and you can control it using voice prompts or use it as a speakerphone, too.

It comes in a plastic cassette tape case, but that’s not just window dressing. The case flips out into a stand for the Rewind, which helps to project the sound upward and outward. All in all, it’s a cool bit of retro swag in speaker form, and comes in at a reasonable price ($100) with reasonably good audio performance. Jam Rewind will hit stores sometime during this spring.