Jelly Belly’s Draft Beer Jelly Beans Are Sadly Alcohol Free


After many entirely warranted requests, Jelly Belly is giving the people what they want – beer. They’re not messing around, either, choosing the high-quality taste of draft beer as the basis for their new jelly bean.

Regrettably, you won’t get a splash of booze when you bite into one of these – they didn’t take the chocolate liqueur route. But, it’s a good bet they’ll get the flavor right. Jelly Belly has a pretty solid track record with their more unusual jelly bean flavors. Their toasted marshmallow jelly beans are unimpeachable, and I still remember where I was when I was first floored by how perfectly they nailed the Dr. Pepper flavored jelly bean. There’s a good reason they won’t reveal the ingredients that will go into making their new draft beer jelly bean and why it took them three years to nail down said ingredients.

Jelly Belly is teaming up with The Beeroness, a craft beer blog, to formally introduce their new jelly bean at 21st Amendment, a bar in San Francisco, tomorrow. The draft beer jelly bean will be widely available sometime early this year, and will join other alcohol-themed flavors, including perennial delights margarita and strawberry daiquiri.



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  1. Every time I think I have seen it all, here is something new. Draft beer flavored jelly beans? Okay, these I just have to try.

  2. I have never experienced a draft beer jelly belly. I guess takes it to a whole new level. I wont lie, I am definitely interested in trying one for sure. I guess this goes to prove that as long as there is a need and want, they can produce it.

  3. That kind of worries me. It’s about as appealing as alcohol-free beer. If you’re drinking it, you should get the buzz.

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