The Job Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is Tougher than Nails

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 9.51.49 AM

iON’s Job Rocker is a wireless Bluetooth 50-Watt speaker with a hearty rechargeable battery that can handle up to 50 hours of play time and a tough as nails exterior that can handle the grit in a gritty working environment like a construction site.

Even without access to outlets, this speaker can go and keep on going. It is a great work site accessory because it can provide hours of loud and deep sound while also serving as a backup power source to charge your tools. Every outlet is fortressed against debris clogging with a rubber dust cover.

To account for the occasional rogue hammer or beam, this speaker is shielded in a full-legnth metal grille, with protective corner bumpers, and a chrome plated steel handle. All of this protection however doesn’t make it clunky or hard to handle because it has large rubberized controls, which mean you do not have to de-glove to use the controls.

In the most likely use of this speaker, is a built-in AM/FM radio with six preset buttons, perfect for lining up the games and listening to them while you work. This alone would make it a perfect present for Dad’s man-cave garage. Available through iON.

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