JUNE is a Fashionable Way to Prevent Skin Cancer

photo 1(3)June is a long way from now, but you can get your preparations for beach season started early, anyway. JUNE is an upcoming fashion/tech accessory that will help you stay safe out in the sun, once it finally comes out again.

JUNE can be worn as a bracelet or brooch, and features a huge pendant that looks a lot like an enormous diamond. It’s regrettably not, but it’s a treasure when it comes to tech, with sensors that monitor the amount of sunlight bearing down on you. JUNE will be able to sync up with a smartphone app, where you’ll be able to view how much exposure to sunlight and UV rays you’re getting. The app will help you protect your skin by giving you notifications when you should put on a hat, sunglasses, or sunscreen.

Once JUNE becomes available, you’ll be able to get it in platinum, gold, or gunmetal. No word on when that will be, or how much JUNE will cost, but you can sign up for email notifications on their website.



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