Hello Kitty’s New Friend is Kirimi-chan the Salmon Fillet and She is Delicious

Full disclosure: I love salmon. I could go get sushi, have only salmon rolls, and be thoroughly satisfied. I’ve been known to fry up a mean salmon fillet in my time. I have not, however, felt inclined to cuddle with a salmon fillet, or use one as a pillow. Perhaps that is a failing or lack of imagination on my part. I do not know.

Sanrio knows, though. From the makers of the beloved Hello Kitty comes Kirimi-chan. She is a salmon fillet. As such, her head is large—pillow-sized, one might say. Kirimi-chan was the winner of a vote Sanrio held last year, beating out 19 other food-related characters, which pretty much proves that salmon is boss. Come February 13, the Kirimi-chan line will start its long, slow march to world domination. That will include a pillow (see?), a change purse (obligatory), and plush charms.

Kirimi-chan won’t be alone, though! She hangs out with anthropomorphic kamaboko fish paste, sea bream, and a mackerel fillet, as salmon fillets do. She also has an unsurprisingly gruesome origin story (being hacked off a salmon), which has predictably disturbing effects on her psychological state (strong desire to be eaten). But will Kirimi-chan unseat Hello Kitty as queen of cute? I don’t know, but as we’ve established here, salmon is pretty awesome. She’s got potential.

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