Kolibree Promises to Outsmart Your Dentist

Last year at CES, we had the World’s first connected fork, so this year it only makes sense that we’d see the World’s First Connected Electric Toothbrush. At last, a toothbrush that criticizes my brushing technique!

Kolibree is a bluetooth toothbrush that syncs with iOS and Android devices and records all of your brushing data. It can also record several users’ brushing data so you can keep tabs on the whole family. It will report on brushing frequency, brushing duration, and brushing zones so you’ll know which areas of your mouth you are missing. Similar to the latest craze of fitness apps, Kolibree will set goals for you and dish out achievement awards.

The Kolibree demo toothbrush we saw looks like a regular toothbrush, though a bit taller and narrower. Every user will need their own toothbrush, it’s not designed for just swapping toothbrush heads (darn). Each Kolibree toothbrush comes with two heads and a charging station. There’s vibration speeds that can vary from 4000 rpms to 12500 rpms. The battery will last one week of four brushes per day. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 and even has an airplane mode. It’s water resistant as well.

We love the idea of being encouraged to brush and being informed on our brushing quality. Also as a bonus, we love the idea of monitoring the entire family’s brushing behavior. Dental hygiene is important! It’s a really neat concept, but after a while you’ll get in the hang of the perfect brush and then you can revert back to your $5 disposable brushes. Kolibree will have different brushes that will range from $100 to $200 and we should see a release in third quarter 2014. Also keep on the lookout for their kickstarter campaign in Q2.

For more information check out Kolibree.com

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