Lenovo Crowned PC Champ, Collects Over 40 Awards at CES 2014


2014 is looking like it will be a very good year for Lenovo. According to industry figures from IDC and Gartner, Lenovo was the number 1 ranked PC company for all of 2013, overtaking giants Dell and HP.

In reporting shipments for 4Q 2013, IDC said Lenovo achieved 18.6% global PC market share compared with 16.1% share for 4Q 2012. This was 9% year over year growth. Gartner reported 18.1% share in 4Q 2013 versus 15.8% share for 4Q 2012 or 6.6% year over year growth. This performance added up to 53.8 million shipments (using IDC numbers) for the full year, a historical high for Lenovo.

Those are extremely impressive figures.  In addition to outperforming the PC industry, they also collected nearly 40 awards at CES 2014 from industry experts and media. Who says the PC is dead?

If 2013 is any indication of how well Lenovo has done in the PC marketplace, than 2014 is going to be even bigger and better. We got hands-on with some of the latest and greatest from Lenovo that will be hitting the market very soon. Once again, Lenovo has taken the PC baton and ran with it and unleashed a unique line-up of AIO’s, 2-1 in Laptops, tablets, and smart monitors, oh, and even a serious Dropbox competitor. Lenovo is also ramping up their smartphone line-up – even if for now they are only available in China.


Check out our booth tour of Lenovo’s past and future devices that will be hitting store shelves soon.

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  1. Yeah!. They are back!. With a vengeance this time. The HP, Dell and Asus better look out as innovation abounds for Lenovo. Just look at what they deliver and their prices.
    I would admit their handsets division can do with much more boost on higher end models and their legendary ThinkPad built quality.

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