Lenovo’s Affordable and Rugged ThinkPad 11e Series is Designed for Schools

screenshot_1939We’ve seen rugged gadgets built to withstand hundred-foot drops, extreme temperature, fierce storms – everything the great outdoors can muster up. But, let’s not forget about the ultimate proving grounds for rugged gadgets – a public school.

We’re talking about K-12 school, where school bags and everything in them are cast aside with reckless abandon on a fairly regular basis. Lenovo’s answer is the ThinkPad 11e series. The series features both traditional laptops and the Yoga style of laptop, with the 360 degree hinge. Either way, the laptops will come with rubber bumpers, reinforced ports, and stronger hinges.

However, the laptops are less directed at the general public, and more so at school administrators looking to stock their schools with laptops. LanSchool and webNetwork are optional for the ThinkPad 11e series, both of which are applications administrators can use to track and regulate the use of the laptops at school. Further adjustments and modifications are possible if administrators get in direct touch with Lenovo.

The specs are a little watered down, which is important – these are still very functional laptops, but at prices that are a little more palatable for cash-strapped public schools. The ThinkPad 11e and ThinkPad Yoga 11e models start at $450. Both of those are also available as Chromebooks, running Chrome OS instead of Windows 8.1, at $350.


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