Monster Announces DNA Pro Wireless Smart Headphones

Monster DNA headphones have been a prominent player in the Monster Headphone lineup. Today at CES, Monster announces a new addition, the DNA Pro Wireless Over-ear Smart Headphones. The Pro Wireless use advanced bluetooth, active noise cancellation, USB digital audio, and buttonless touch-sensing controls. What makes them smart? Read on…

Monster held an over-the-top press conference today with Noel Lee on his segway, Nick Cannon, and even Shaq. They announced a number of products in their headphone lineup, and the premium DNA Pro Wireless are the ones that caught our attention.

The advanced Bluetooth capabilities that Monster is boasting is embedded AAC for iOS devices and APT-X for Android devices. There’s a bypass mode using USB Direct Digital Audio for the purists who prefer a wired connection. This USB connection will also charge the device. Whether wired and wireless, the DNA Pros offer noise cancellation for the cleanest and purist audio reproduction.

The DNA Pro Wireless headphones are collapsable and fold up for a compact form factor. The “smart” feature is when you fold them up they will automatically shut down. When you unfold them, power will be restored, and so will your bluetooth connection. There’s even a sensor built into the earcup that will switch on noise cancellation once you put them on.

Noel Lee labels the DNA Pro Wireless as a representation of the “ideal union of ultimate convenience and the latest audio technology”. Of course, such premium headphones come at a premium cost. The Monster DNA Pro Wireless headphones will retail for a whopping $449.95. They’ll be available in the second quarter of 2014.

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