Move over James Cameron, Poppy turns You into an iPhone 3D Filmmaker


Many people are not aware that YouTube has a huge collection of 3D videos that it supports. Sure, some are movie trailers and whatnot, but a lot of it is user generated content  from products like Poppy. Poppy lets you capture 3D using pure optics, not additional electronic or batteries. Its design harkens back to the ViewMaster of our childhoods, looking slightly like a pair of binoculars.


Just slip the iPhone inside and you can start capturing stereographic images. Using the companion App, Poppy 3D, you can calibrate the image capture and rewatch what you have caught. Uploading to Youtube is a piece of cake from there. As a Kickstarter success story, Poppy is sure to generate a large following. And hey, any form of 3D that won’t give you a headache is worth looking into! Poppy claims much higher fidelity than retro red/blue glasses, especially for only $59, available now for iPhones through Poppy.


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