New Apple TV Launch Imminent

screenshot_1942Apple is promising great things in 2014 (then again, when do they not?), and it looks an awful lot like one of them will be a brand new Apple TV according to the keen eyes at 9to5Mac.

Their constant monitoring of Apple’s website has borne fruit – Apple TV, which was normally listed in the Apple Store as an accessory along with the iPod, now has its own device category, suggesting that Apple is going to put a much greater emphasis on the device this year.

All signs point to Apple TV still being just a set-top box – an actual Apple television seems increasingly unlikely (and arguably unnecessary). So, how is Apple going to significantly improve Apple TV? The processor will surely get an upgrade, as Apple will want to get Apple TV ready to handle 4k content as smoothly as possible. Another possibility that 9to5Mac suggests is that the new Apple TV will have a built-in router, which would be able to focus bandwidth on television and audio to ensure smooth streaming, as well as more cleanly facilitate communication between Apple TV and iPads and iPhones.

This all exists in the land of speculation for now, although giving Apple TV top billing in the store is a pretty good sign that something new (and significant) is coming. How quickly it’ll arrive remains to be seen, but with the store change being made now, it seems like it will be sooner rather than later.

Via 9to5Mac

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