Orange Is the New Black “Alex” and “Piper” Minifigs are Here


The Netflix original series Orange is the New Black has become an instant smash hit, but you know that you have really made it when they start making Minifigs out of the show’s characters. To that effect, there are Alex and Piper Minifigures being sold on eBay.

These adorable little criminals come dressed in their Orange jumpsuits, with Chapman sporting her signature waspy blond locks, while Alex Vause wears a suitable cynical expression on her face. So go ahead, order some to set up on your desk while you impatiently wait for Season 2 to arrive.

Alex Vause and Piper Chapman minifigs can be purchased now as a pair for just $14.95 each, but you better jury, because there are only 8 available and 2 have already been sold.

But wait, no Crazy Eyes minifig? We would love to see more OITNB characters as minifigs!

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