Philips Strada Fashion Headphones Think They’re Headbands

Pink StradaThis year at CES, Philips is making a move to innovate in a brand new area for them – fashion. Their new Strada Fashion Headphones double as fashion accessories, and are coming soon at a pretty low cost.

The headphones, which sport standard 32mm drivers, were influenced by multi-colored sneaker shoelaces. The 1990s weren’t specifically mentioned in the press release, but I feel like it’s being pretty strongly implied. The ear cups more or less match the color scheme on the headband, making for a bright, eye-catching pair of headphones. Just don’t expect cutting-edge stuff here – there will be quite a bit of background noise leaking in (which could still be a good thing), and the audio figures to be run-of-the-mill.

But, they’ll get the job of putting music in your ears done, and they’ll look pretty good doing it. They’re not too expensive, either – when they hit stores in April, the Strada Fashion Headphones will sell for $30.

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