Pocket-Sized Scanadu is a Tricorder for the 21st Century [Video]

The Scanadu Scout is the modern day tricorder, a device that can read and monitor your health and vitals in mere seconds. The pocket sized device, Scanadu, is an Apple-esque device that when applied to your head for 10 seconds will record the very same vital signs that the doctor does. There’s an accompanied app that logs your health and also educates you on what it means.

Scanadu saw great success from their IndieGogo crowdsourced campaign back in Summer ’13. They raised $1.6 million and are just about to ship their first batch of 10,000 units.

The founders, Walter De Brouwer and his wife, have a very compelling and personal story that sparked their mission to build a device that would reduce our reliance on doctors and hospitals. It boiled down to the fact that there is no easy way to check our own vital signs, like doctors and hospitals do, and there’s no reason that it should be a mystery to us. Their goal was to empower users with insight into their own health easily, accurately, and quickly.

Scanadu monitors your temperature, heart rate, oximetry (saturation of hemoglobin), ECG (how your heart is functioning with each beat), heart rate variability, pulse wave transit time, and stress. You’re probably not sure what all of that means exactly, but that’s where the Scanadu app comes to the rescue. Scanadu will help you identify concerns, and it also arms you with valuable information that you can update your doctor with.

The Scanadu Scout could very well become what the present day thermometer has become. The company aims to get it FDA approved which would mean that the metrics are considered accurate and on par with the doctors’ readouts. Scanadu is also working on a disposable urine test kit, the Scanaflo, that tests levels of glucose, protein, leukocytes, nitrates, blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, specific gravity, pH in urine, and even pregnancy! The Scanadu app will simply take a snapshot of the test and provide the entire readout.

The official Scanadu Scout release should be later this year for a price around $199. Needless to say, we’re excited to see how this first batch of IndieGogo devices performs.

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