Protect Your Ears with Tough Sounds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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Tough Sounds wireless bluetooth headphones are multi-use with swift deep sounds when on, and incredible noise reduction technology when off, making them a safe haven for your ears. Experience noise reduction of 22 decibels, perfect for loud city streets, subways, or just mowing the lawn. Turn them on an hop through the peaks and crests of rich and crisp sound.

The wirlessness of these headphone make them a perfect candidate for doing anything active. Even sleeping with them on while strapped into an airplane seat would be pleasant since, there is no orchestrating chords and straps to worry about. They even have a built in AM/FM radio and all necessary controls right there, so you don’t even have to access your device to change music. You can skip tracks, adjust volume, find a radio station for sports games and such, as well as use the built in microphone and answer button to handle calls. Showcasing its superb flexibility, they even include a 1/8 inch input for connecting non Bluetooth devices.

These headphones are very utilitarian. There is a radio receiver antenna popping out the back and a small screen on over ear cuffs. We’d like to suggest an accessory nozzle for beer guzzling. With all the cushion on the headband it could handle it. Available through iON.

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