Raise the Roof With Party Rocker 2, Block Party, and Party Starter

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ION wants to pump your parties up with three new all-in-one party sound systems. The Party Rocker 2 comes with a free app so you can control the color and bounce of the dance lights. The Block Party is perfect for outside bashes, with a long lasting rechargeable battery built-in, wheels, and a easy to transport handle. The third option, is the Party Starter, a compact portable speaker with built-in lights that can even fit into a purse! Here is some more info on these fun party sound accessories:

The Party Rocker 2’s claim to fame is that it is the first ever app-controllable speaker with built in dance lights. You may remember last year’s Party Rocker. Much like it’s predecessor, a whole array of fun lights are included. The lights’ motor speed can be controlled, matched, mixed, and manipulated via the App which is available for iOS and Android. Have fun with the strobe effect or even in Tilt mode, where just a gentle tilt of the tablet or phone can control the speed of light. And not in the Newtonian way. Unfortunately.

Block Party will pump up your awkward neighborhood grills with its raging 50 Watt speakers and 100ft Bluetooth range on a portable rechargeable battery. It is easy to transport with its telescoping handle and Humvee like wheels. We can picture this placed underneath a huge oak tree in the neighborhood, lighting up its branches with its built in LED lights that pulse and pump in time with the music.

Finally, the Party Starter is a pint sized but powerful little Bluetooth speaker with the full range of rhythm synched lighting effects. It is perfect for lighting up a party in a smaller room, like an office or living room. Or just stay in for the night and provide some ambiance while listening to soothing tunes in the tub. Available through iON.

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