Samsung Shows Off 105 Inches of Curved UHD Goodness [Hands-On]

Samsung is going big with 4k TVs this year at CES. Like, really big. Really, really big.

The centerpiece, surely, is their massive 105” curved UHD television, in 4k resolution. Just for reference, that’s about 11 million pixels. 11 million. The concave design is meant to give off a home theater vibe, making movies that much more immersive. The 4k resolution also helps with that. It’s also worth mentioning that the new 105” TV isn’t just the largest curved UHD television – it’s also the first, so Samsung is making a pretty big splash with this one. Samsung’s Auto-Depth Enhancer gives off a 3D effect without the need for glasses, while their PurColor technology increases color fidelity when images are produced on-screen.

Samsung also has eyes on the past and future with their new TVs. Acknowledging that there’s not a whole lot of 4k-resolution content out there right now, Samsung’s UHD TVs automatically upscale lower-definition content, making everything look crisper, regardless of source. As for the future, the new UHD TVs feature Samsung’s Evolution Kits, so you can buy a new kit whenever UHD technology improves, instead of buying a whole new television.

Samsung is releasing several new UHD TVs in addition to their curved 105” model. There will be 78”, 65”, and 55” curved models, along with 110”, 85”, 75”, 70”, 65”, 60”, and 55” flat screen models. All of those will feature brand-new system-on-chip processors and redesigns of Samsung’s Smart TV interface, as well. No word on pricing and availability for any of those models, but – well, for that 105” curved model, you’d best be sitting down when Samsung reveals that information.

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